Villas in gated community

The concept of owning a villa instead of an apartment is becoming quite popular for it allows the tenants to live comfortably, away from the mundane life we perhaps live. Villas are the new way of living, with people realizing their advantages over living in an apartment. People take pride in living in an independent villa.

As it has a great customized infrastructure, and abundance of facilities compared to an apartment. There is a lot to choose from when choosing your own villa with them offering a number of benefits, as listed.

Freedom: An independent villa in the right location gives you the ultimate freedom. It gives you the possibility to customize your abode and make it your unique, modern and opulent habitat. You can paint your walls in your favorite colors/ designs and grow your favorite shrubs in the porch as you wish. The freedom you derive from having a villa with character and uniqueness is blissful. In an independent villa you don’t have to worry about complaining neighbors, about your pet, as it would be within your villa confines.

Comfort and luxury: comfort and luxury are default needs, villas have ample space and it usually equipped with modern amenities and has all the facilities one needs within reach. There can be high end rooms which can be furnished with the latest modern theatre features or elegant and modern decorations etc. Amenities such as access to a club house, gym, community garden, community hall, etc. help you to lead a healthy and active life. The quality of life in a villa is much better compared with an apartment. In villas one has the freedom to install windmills and solar panels to create an eco-friendly environment. Also the community can come together to install RO plant for safe water, sewage treatment plant for a socially responsible waste management system etc.

Security and infrastructural advantages: There are indispensable advantages of owning a villa such as it round the clock security, for the family members and the expensive household goods. Facilities such as an uninterrupted supply of cooking gas supply and purified water are few important reasons you need a villa. It helps you to live a hassle free life and thereby concentrate about the greater achievements in life.

Customizable: Owning a villa ensures there is no need to compromise on your personalized taste and distinctiveness of your home. You have the independence to decorate, change designs and furnish the space in your villa as you like. The freedom to do what you want to your living space is a satisfying feeling. When you customize your living space for your needs, you enjoy a sense of belonging.

Plot Area: Ratio of Plot Area [UDS] to the Built Up Area for a individual villa in a gated community is 1:1.5, comparatively, for an apartment the ratio is 1:5. For example, in a villa if the Built Up Area is 1000 sq. ft. then the Plot Area would be a minimum of 670 sq. ft, whereas in case of an apartment, if the Built Up Area is 1000 sq. ft. the corresponding land area [UDS] would only be 200 sq. ft. hence the appreciation of the property with an apartments decreases.

Showcase modernity and opulent lifestyle: Owning your dream home and living the life you always desired is a brilliant and satisfied feeling. A villa lifestyle is the dream of many. Staying in a villa not only shows the lavish and contented lifestyle you have but also a symbol of modern high class opulent lifestyle. One can feel proud of owning a villa and while they are costly compared to an apartment, the price difference may be worth it for the comfort they offer over an apartment.

High resale value: Its beneficial and worth investing in a villa than an apartment because the value of a villa mostly never declines, on the other hand it always appreciates, and its always easy to sell a villa than an apartment. Since the design, architecture style and the configuration of every villa are different the resale value is set on those aspects. However, it will always and invariably be higher as compared to apartments and houses.

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Benefits on higher rentals: Independent villas are known to provide higher rental returns if you find lucky in finding right tenants. If you are not planning to move into your villa, you can rent it for the time being and get returns from its monthly rentals. Rentals from your villa can be used to repay the loan EMI you borrowed to build it in the first place. In case of no loans due, you can utilize the return as an additional income/ investment.

Room for gardening: There is always a scope for gardening when you have your own independent villa. Having your own private garden is heartening and a satisfying hobby. Nature has the ability to transform a space for the better and induce a refreshing feeling. In an independent villa, you can also setup your private terrace garden, in a terrace garden; you can cultivate fresh produce for your family to consume. You can also create a green roof with creepers for shade in the terrace.

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