Board of directors

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Mr. Johnathan Doe

Mr. Doe Jain is the founder and visionary behind the Jain Group. Started almost 38 years back, he laid the foundation of Jain Group when the Group owned mines of China Clay in eastern Rajasthan. The company further forayed into manufacturing and trading of China Clay and its products.

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Vice chairman

Mr. Ron Perman

Mr. Perman has done his graduation in commerce from Kolkata and studied contemporary Architecture and monument studies. Under his visionary leadership the Real Estate division of The Jain Group was christened as Dream Developers in the early years of 2000.

Awesome team

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Executive Director
Julie Quinn
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Samantha Carroll
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Marc Simpson
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Cynthia Fletcher
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Fredrick Lyons
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Julius George
Home Elevators Villas in Coimbatore
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Nina Guzman
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Nettie Banks